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Steady Group (approx. 13 mph, from Town Hall) » Sunday 18 April » Today 4:43 pm

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Considering shorter T6 this week so we can go a tad faster and get back for coffee. I think one potential new member from last week and another are cycling (either with us or slightly faster) - we can see how it pans out at Town Hall Car Park :-) 

Saturday Specials » Saturday Special 17th April » Today 4:40 pm

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Sorry I was unable to join you all today. Sounds like a great ride.

So I (and I'm sure others) can organize work/dairy, can you confirm that Saturday Special will normally be held on  third Sat of the month ?
Next one planned for May 15th.

Thank you.

Saturday Specials » Saturday Special 17th April » Yesterday 7:30 pm

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I’m hoping to be out to join the 60 mile group

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