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Saturday Specials » Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September » Yesterday 12:53 pm

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Hello All,
I think it was myself that mentioned this at the time. I was originally looking at the 14th of Sept but due to a possible commitment i may have to change this to the Saturday prior, 7th of Sept. I would be looking at a possible early start, 07:45 from Melbourn. It would follow the RCC route bank route to Kings Lynn, with a stop for comfort and a coffee break in Ely, the Cathedral, roughly about 10am and then ride to KL for about 12:30. Potential for another coffee break here on the quayside then ride to Hunstanton for fish and chips. We would then ride back to KL to catch the train back to Cambridge. For those that want to continue on to Royston or home stations the feel free or you can top up the miles cycling from Cambridge to home. 
This is all weather dependant.......and we do have to be aware that there is only one train per hour from Kings Lynn to Cambridge, leaving at 44 pass the hour. 

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