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Medium Steady Group (approx. 15 mph +/- 1mph) » Sunday 21st August » 20/8/2022 4:26 pm

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Hey, I’ll be out tomorrow morning.
Wouldn’t mind something with a bit more climb, maybe S 1 or 3? Need to work on my hills! Flexible though.

Medium Group (approx. 16mph, +/- 1mph). » Sun 14th Aug ** 8:00 am ** » 13/8/2022 6:14 pm

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Rather than start a new thread as I’m probably more medium steady, but good with an 8am start given the heat. If not enough of us to split, hopefully we can do a joint one.

Medium Steady Group (approx. 15 mph +/- 1mph) » Sun 7th Aug » 06/8/2022 9:35 am

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Hey, anyone keen for tomorrow? Not too fussy on the route. Weather looks good!

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