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25/5/2019 12:17 pm  #1

Sun 26th

Your starter for ten tomorrow is S11.

The wind says Baldock way, but I think you did that the other week.  Any other suggestions?


25/5/2019 6:23 pm  #2

Re: Sun 26th

I like S11 so happy with that. I don't like wind though so I'll be looking for someone to draft


25/5/2019 7:41 pm  #3

Re: Sun 26th

And if I can keep up I'd like to draft Georgie!
See you in the morning.


25/5/2019 8:26 pm  #4

Re: Sun 26th

What about S7 for the faster group?


25/5/2019 8:27 pm  #5

Re: Sun 26th

Sounds good. Jess and I need to be back by 11 tomorrow so will do S11 at a medium/fast group pace ~18mph. See you in the morning.


25/5/2019 9:40 pm  #6

Re: Sun 26th

We did S7 a fortnight ago. M5 corresponds with S11. We should do that.


25/5/2019 9:53 pm  #7

Re: Sun 26th

Yeah, that's fine with me Ed. I'll see you in the morning.


26/5/2019 7:40 am  #8

Re: Sun 26th

Project "Garden Shed" requires my attentions this morning. Have a good ride.


26/5/2019 12:11 pm  #9

Re: Sun 26th

Great ride today guys catching you up from the initial mechanical fail.....Thank you and have a good BH 


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