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23/1/2020 11:58 am  #1

Sportives 2020

We had a request for a list of sportives.  A list of the common, local(ish) ones is below, but there are lots more further afield (see links at the bottom).
 If you are thinking of riding one and want some company, why not post to the forum and see if you can   get  a group  together.

Cambridgeshire Classic
Date: Sunday, March 1 2020
Distance: 34, 52, 70 miles

Ware’s Cambridge
Date:  15th of March 2020
Distance:  30, 50, 80 miles

Suffolk Spring Classic
Date: March 22 2020
Distance: 40,75 miles

Richardsons Rumble
St Ives, Cambs
Date: April 19
Distance: 38,67,107 miles

Cambridge 100/60/35
Date: May 3
Distance: 35,60,100 miles

London to Cambridge
London (Bus from Cambridge)
Date: 26th July
Distance: 60  miles

Tour of Cambridgeshire
Date:  7th June
Distance:  70, 100 miles

Evans Cambridge Ride-it
Wimpole Hall
Date: 12th July
Distance: 37,64,89 miles

Hertfordshire 100
Date: 30th August
Distance: 32,64,100 miles 

Lots more can be found online. e.g.


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