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01/2/2020 3:25 pm  #1

Sunday 2nd February

For the medium groups, not sure we've ever ridden this route before but it should give us a good homeward-bound stretch with the wind behind us.
Some doubt about how quickly the overnight rain moves through but fingers crossed


01/2/2020 6:11 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 2nd February

Looks a good route, Richard! Assuming it's not raining cats and dogs in the morning, I'll be aiming to ride this at slightly sub 15mph, for whoever would like to join me.


01/2/2020 7:30 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 2nd February

I’m up for that Jo.

Have a Four Seasons front tyre now. Let’s hope that is better than my gatorskin! 😉



02/2/2020 8:11 am  #4

Re: Sunday 2nd February

Think a few medium rares may cut off a (short) segment...:-) 


03/2/2020 9:44 am  #5

Re: Sunday 2nd February

I broke one side of my chain coming out of Reed. I'd like to think it was ripped apart by the power of my manly thighs but I suspect old age (chain, not me) and a missed gear. I limped back to Royston and despite taking a low gear it gave up completely on the climb out of Newsells. Fortunately the broken link was just 1 away from the quicklink so it was actually a simple repair. But then I got a puncture, so gave up any idea of catching you all up anywhere along the route. See you next week. JOHN B


04/2/2020 11:45 am  #6

Re: Sunday 2nd February

The gods just weren't on your side John. Better luck next week.

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07/2/2020 2:02 pm  #7

Re: Sunday 2nd February

Myself and at least two other Medium Rares that I am aware of at this time (Adrian and Dawn?) will be leaving Market Hill at 8.30 am (8.45 am Kneesworth lay-by) on SATURDAY (8th) to ride M9-36 or a version of this route.  


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