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19/9/2020 12:20 pm  #1

Sunday 20th September

Anyone fancy riding at around 15mph tomorrow?

Choices are M1 or S17. Winds forecast from the East so both would have wind assisted ride home.

Alternative would be to ride the S3 that the Steady group are looking to do, but a little quicker.


19/9/2020 7:17 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 20th September

I’ll join you, please, Adrian. I think I’d prefer S17 but happy to do whatever. See you in the morning.


19/9/2020 7:48 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 20th September

Hi Jo. Happy to go with S17. See you in the morning.

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20/9/2020 7:27 am  #4

Re: Sunday 20th September

I plan to join this group, thanks


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