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22/10/2020 1:35 pm  #1

** Highway Code Consultation **

The government is proposing changes to the Highway Code, and, surprisingly, most of the proposed changes are positive for cyclists.  The consultation ends on 27th Oct, and it’s worth as many as possible feeding back their support, disagreements etc.

A summary of the changes can be found here

You can feedback here

The one point being raised is the changes to rule 66, which some are interpreting as implying that cyclists riding two abreast have a responsibility to get out of the way of motorists.  This could impact the way we ride on club runs, and some are saying “end of the club run”. 

They are looking for different wording that emphasises that the choice should be with the cyclist to assess when it is safe for a car to overtake, and then move over.

Worth showing support for this, and any comments on rule 66.

James (posting as individual)


24/10/2020 12:04 pm  #2

Re: ** Highway Code Consultation **

Just a few days left to respond...

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