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12/4/2021 10:39 am  #1

Saturday Special 17th April

This coming Saturday sees the long overdue return of the Saturday Special with two rides to choose from.

1. 60 miles with coffee and cake at Spokes in Codicote via this route - Saturday Special - 60 miles.  Pace – 15 mph average.

If there is a group wanting a shorter outing here’s the second option.

2. 26 miles with coffee and cake at El Cafecito in Fowlmere via this route -Saturday Special - 26 miles Pace - 13 mph average.

If you fancy coming along please post indicating which ride you intend to join. The start will be at 8.30am from the Heath Sports Club car park  -  where parking is free - or you can join en route. 
The familiar Covid restrictions apply, i.e. we’ll congregate and ride in groups of no more than 6. It’s also useful to have a mask handy when ordering your food and drink.

If you’re new to Saturday Specials please post on the forum or email the club with any questions.


12/4/2021 8:14 pm  #2

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

Ohhhh Hexton hill, first Sat Spec, lovely lol

count me in, I will ride over and drop out at the back of Stevenage after a nice cake and coffee at spokes.


12/4/2021 9:01 pm  #3

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

Yes please - unless something crops up which means I’ve got to go in to work on Saturday I’d like to join you for the 60.  Are you able to export the route to Strava or Ride with GPS please?  (I can see it’s more or less the same as C3 with a bit of a short cut around Shefford.). Cheers. Paul


13/4/2021 7:38 am  #4

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

Hi Paul, yes the route is C3 with a tweak. In fact, so all have the option of downloading the route from Strava or Ride with GPS, let's use C3 from the route bank but starting from the Heath car park and not the market square. Another thought, dependent on the numbers riding we could split the group between Spokes and Emily's for the coffee stop.

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14/4/2021 2:08 pm  #5

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

I’m supposed to be doing the 25 TT at guilden Morden but this looks far more fun. I’ve pencilled it in but will confirm Thursday/ Friday


16/4/2021 9:51 am  #6

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

I'm keen, if you promise not to exceed the speed too much.  I'll meet in Bassingbourn.  Let me know, if possible, if there are two groups so I don't jump onto the wrong one.


16/4/2021 10:54 am  #7

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

I’ve now come down with a cold (definitely no Covid symptoms) so unlikely to be OK for 60 miles tomorrow now - I’m gutted. Have fun everyone


16/4/2021 12:08 pm  #8

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

I’m aiming to come , unless it’s icy , and join at Bassingbourn

Spokes may be busy, so splitting cafes might  make sense


16/4/2021 1:46 pm  #9

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

Donna, don't worry, we'll be good.

Gwen, hope you feel better soon.

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16/4/2021 7:30 pm  #10

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

I’m hoping to be out to join the 60 mile group

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17/4/2021 4:40 pm  #11

Re: Saturday Special 17th April

Sorry I was unable to join you all today. Sounds like a great ride.

So I (and I'm sure others) can organize work/dairy, can you confirm that Saturday Special will normally be held on  third Sat of the month ?
Next one planned for May 15th.

Thank you.


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