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15/8/2021 3:59 pm  #1

Sat 21st August

The proposal this month is the Blue Egg

Standard route is 59 miles from Royston.

Shorter options are available if we have takers. Suggestions are Debden Barns, or Poppy’s Barn.   Please post below if interested and we’ll dig out some routes e.g. (37m)

Please note that both rides will start from the Sports club car park on the heath at 8.30 am. This provides free parking for members who wish to drive to the start and avoids market day in the town centre.

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15/8/2021 5:57 pm  #2

Re: Sat 21st August

I'm in.


15/8/2021 6:11 pm  #3

Re: Sat 21st August

Probably up for a shorter ride. Hope there’s some takers. Also, not planning on riding fast, just in case anyone thinks I’ll push the pace.


16/8/2021 11:15 am  #4

Re: Sat 21st August

I’m in 🚴👍


16/8/2021 8:18 pm  #5

Re: Sat 21st August

I am interested in the shorter ride.  35/36 miles is the most I have ridden in one go (did this with the 15mph group a few weeks ago).  Definately not looking for a fast paced ride out.
P.S. not been to either suggested locations,

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17/8/2021 2:03 pm  #6

Re: Sat 21st August

I will probably join you for the longer route to Blue Egg


18/8/2021 5:10 pm  #7

Re: Sat 21st August

If the weather holds (no heavy rain), then I'd be up for the short route. It's been almost a year since my last café ride, so about time!


19/8/2021 5:19 am  #8

Re: Sat 21st August

I'm in - longer route - and looking forward to it.


19/8/2021 9:39 am  #9

Re: Sat 21st August

I’m in, probably the longer route but will keep an eye on the weather


19/8/2021 3:21 pm  #10

Re: Sat 21st August

I am hopeful to join


20/8/2021 10:29 am  #11

Re: Sat 21st August

I’d be interested in shorter route. Was there a good route to Poppy’s Barn?  A direct route looks a bit short ( 10 miles?).


20/8/2021 11:47 am  #12

Re: Sat 21st August

I'm in - will head up New Road and meet the group by the Church at Great Chishill - anyone else from Melbourn welcome to join leaving mine on New Road 8:30 will be about right.


20/8/2021 1:00 pm  #13

Re: Sat 21st August

A reminder that Royston rides start at the Heath tomorrow.   I’ll probably start there, and we’ll pick up others at Chishill.

If I'm running late it’s straight to Chishill.

I’m keeping my eye on the weather...

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20/8/2021 1:43 pm  #14

Re: Sat 21st August

Ray, we could use the route posted for Debden Barns and divert at Clavering instead. I think that works…


20/8/2021 2:43 pm  #15

Re: Sat 21st August

I’m planning to ride tomorrow, looking forward to it.


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