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27/9/2021 9:28 pm  #1

A10 annual awareness ride - Sunday 3 October

Sorry to bump the Mallorca ride post - someone can push it back up next week!

In case anyone interested, there is a family friendly A10 Awareness Ride Sunday 3rd October. Riders will depart from Trumpington Park and Ride at 10:30AM and cycle to Phillimore Garden Centre in Melbourn, sticking to the off-road path, with all junctions and crossing points managed by marshals.  CamCycle is co-sponsoring this event, highlighting the importance of the Royston-Cambridge safe cycle link - and especially links to jobs and education along the A10 corridor.
Website & info:


01/10/2021 8:23 pm  #2

Re: A10 annual awareness ride - Sunday 3 October

I have previously gone to Phillimores at the end of the club ride to show support. If the weather is OK, I will probably do the same again.


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