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27/7/2022 7:53 pm  #1

Saturday 30th July

Anybody up for a Special this week?


27/7/2022 8:38 pm  #2

Re: Saturday 30th July

I’m out, Grafham was suggested, depending on whether the cafe is open or not.


27/7/2022 9:14 pm  #3

Re: Saturday 30th July

Yes, def interested. If can’t get decent cafe at grafham la hogue was nice ride & cafe.


28/7/2022 7:49 am  #4

Re: Saturday 30th July

I’ll try Grafham cafe again later, otherwise La Hogue or Debden look options 


28/7/2022 8:05 am  #5

Re: Saturday 30th July

I said to Adrian I’d join him on a ride to Tom’s Cakes. But if he wants to change plans I don’t mind.


28/7/2022 10:27 am  #6

Re: Saturday 30th July

I might be out with Adrian too, I don't want to be too slow for the main group on the S.S. as only done two CIRCA 28 mile rides last week.

My descision formulae -
Distance (D) + Speed (S) - Capability/Ability (CpA) ± Fear of slowing the group down (Fn) = Wimping out big time (WOBT) :-(



28/7/2022 11:47 am  #7

Re: Saturday 30th July

I went to the cafe at Grafham a few weeks ago.  It was open, at least on a Friday.  However, I am not sure that the cake selection is particularly good, but they did have ice cream! I've not been to La Hogue before.  How complicated would it be to coordinate on a meet up at Tom's cakes (still not been there either) with the other ride.


28/7/2022 12:03 pm  #8

Re: Saturday 30th July

Not a fan of Tom's cakes for a group it's basically on a main road with virtually no seating :-(  


28/7/2022 12:50 pm  #9

Re: Saturday 30th July

Pencil me in. I’ll confirm tomorrow.


28/7/2022 6:47 pm  #10

Re: Saturday 30th July

I'm with Simon re Tom's. Great cakes but on a busy corner and not enough space if we're going to be a larger group.

I'm fine with either Grafham (suggested route's here- -  or La Hogue (suggested route's here -
If the cafes at Grafham aren't open Colmworth golf course would be the back-up.


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28/7/2022 10:27 pm  #11

Re: Saturday 30th July

Happy with either but not been out la hogue way for a while, just different roads.


29/7/2022 8:03 am  #12

Re: Saturday 30th July

Sounds like La Hogue then - the first one to express a preference usually carries it, though slightly against the wind.

it is 8:00 from the Heath, picking up Melbourn en route?

I'll probably take a shorter route back from Saffron W.


29/7/2022 10:16 am  #13

Re: Saturday 30th July

I'll be in Melbourn.


29/7/2022 12:03 pm  #14

Re: Saturday 30th July

Yes, I'll be starting from the Heath car park at 8am and we can pick-up others in Melbourn.

(For anyone wanting something shorter,  is the ride to Tom's Cakes still on?)

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29/7/2022 12:38 pm  #15

Re: Saturday 30th July

Will be in Melbourn by co-op


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