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25/2/2018 2:35 pm  #1

Order Window closing 1st March

The current order window is about to close so now is a good time to place an order (for all items other than standard s/s shirt) via the RCC page in the Team Store section of Bespoke Sports Kit's website (

Purchased items will be sent directly to your address by the end of April at the latest.

To reduce the waiting time for the most popular item (the standard, white, short sleeve jersey (i.e. shirt), the club has pre purchased a stock of these for resale at cost to club members. If you would like to buy one of these, please speak to me or send an email to headed "Club Kit" with your requirement. Currently I have most men's and women's sizes in stock. I also have a few RCC caps for sale.

Bob Rowntree


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