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19/8/2018 5:52 pm  #1

Paris Brest Paris 2019

I am mulling over entering then above (or trying to) next year if anyone is interested?

It’s a 1200k Audax and only comes around once every four years. Further details and the rather convoluted qualifcation process can be found here:

If you are interested then you need to get a ‘pre-qualifcation’ ride completed by the end of October in order to enter (details are in the link above). The longer the event, the earlier you can enter (and greater chance of success). I am thinking of engtering either the Great Dunmow or Chalfont event  on the 8th September.

If you are not sure then if you google ‘Paris Brest Paris’ there are some very entertaining write-ups from past participants that will either inspire you to enter or completely put you off!!!



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