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12/3/2019 10:13 am  #1

Saturday 16th March

Suggested destination for this month is Hopleys in Much Hadham. Two routes, 47 miles ( ) or 37 miles ( ) for those who want a shorter ride or need to get back earlier. As it's only 20 miles to the cafe stop the start time will be 8.30. As usual we'll set off from Mica. If you plan to join en route please do post.

There is something of a windy and wet question mark over Saturday's weather. If it doesn't look comfortably rideable we always have the option of postponing until next Saturday so keep an eye on the forum for any updates. 


15/3/2019 2:50 pm  #2

Re: Saturday 16th March

With winds still forecast at 40 mph plus throughout the day I suggest we postpone until next Saturday. These rides are after all  meant to be enjoyable rather than feats of endurance. If you are out do take care. 

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15/3/2019 4:17 pm  #3

Re: Saturday 16th March

I agree with your suggestions Richard. Let's go next week to Hopley's hey ...


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