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23/3/2019 8:00 pm  #1


Random suggestion: S12?


23/3/2019 9:00 pm  #2

Re: 24/3/2019

Sounds good to me James, i’ve not done S12 in a while. See you tomorrow.


23/3/2019 9:07 pm  #3

Re: 24/3/2019

Sounds good.

After last weeks medium fast group being a little too pacy for me I will be looking for a medium medium group.


23/3/2019 9:48 pm  #4

Re: 24/3/2019

Just a warning on S12, Sutton Crossroad has been shut in all directions during late last week.

I know it was still shut on Friday morning but I am not sure if it has reopened yet as there still seems to be diversion signs around.

Routes to get around from Gamingay are the B1042 to Wrestlingworth or B1040 to Biggleswade and round to Dunton.

Former shortens the route quite a bit, the later will add a few extra miles.


24/3/2019 7:43 am  #5

Re: 24/3/2019

Thanks Darren. Roadworks are supposed to be finished

20 Mar - 25 Mar
Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays from 08:00 until 18:00

Otherwise we could try a different route, like S4...

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