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04/5/2019 1:03 pm  #1

Sunday 5th May

Thought this route for faster group.....

Hopefully it opens!!


04/5/2019 6:32 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 5th May

Looks good Barry! See you in the morning.


04/5/2019 7:19 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 5th May

How about S4 for the medium groups?

Ps. I have excess cake that needs eating up after Mrs G’s birthday this week. Hoping that a few of you will assist with this task at the Bull.


04/5/2019 7:58 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 5th May

I think I'm up for trying a medium slow version of S4, though I might need to chop a bit off from Ashwell, or go slower from there (though happy to do that on my own if allowed!), especially if there is cake!


04/5/2019 9:08 pm  #5

Re: Sunday 5th May

Yes sounds good Barry, and cake after sounds even better.
Thanks Andrew. I'll see you all in the morning.


05/5/2019 5:47 am  #6

Re: Sunday 5th May

Shortened version (as I will probably have to cut off) of the above is great - I've work beginning at 12.00 in Aspenden so no cake for me

Thanks anyway Andrew.


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