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19/6/2016 8:08 pm  #1

Herts Air Ambulance - Sunday 26 June 2016

Now the sunshine is finally here and you've dusted down your bike why not sign up to our Herts Cycle Ride. Takes place on Sun 26 June with 50 mile, 20 mile and family ride to choose from.
It's £16 to register in advance or £20 on the day.
Follow the link below for more details and to sign up.…/herts-cycle-ride-2016


23/6/2016 4:48 pm  #2

Re: Herts Air Ambulance - Sunday 26 June 2016

Thanks for sharing Michelle!

I'm thinking about doing this one, even if some of the roads are familiar, there are plenty of new ones for me and always nice with a change of scenery, and I quite like the cause of this sportive.

Is there anyone who'd like to join me?


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