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08/9/2018 7:52 am  #1

Saturday 15th September

This month's Saturday Special is headed for Kings Lynn, a ride of approximately 70 predominately flat miles with the return by train. For those who don't like hills this is the perfect ride. We're even using the A10 cycle path to avoid Chapel Hill! 

The route out closely follows the rail line from Cambridge to Lynn which means that those looking for a shorter ride can return via any of the intermediate stations. (Of course, if you're feeling particularly energetic there is also the option of cycling back.) Routes and further details below. Out - Out and back On Saturdays there is an hourly train service Lynn-Cambridge at 44 minutes past the hour. You can then change at Cambridge for Royston or take to your bike for the final leg.Distances from Royston to the intermediate stations and train times for Cambridge services follow. Ely - 36 miles,17 minutes past the hourLittleport - 42 miles, 8 minutes past the hourDownham Market - 56 miles, 58 minutes past the hourWatlington - 61 miles, 51 minutes past the hour We will leave Royston at 8am from outside Mica aiming for a 15 mph average with no one left behind. If you plan to join the ride elsewhere do please post so we know to look out for you. We will stop for cake and coffee in Ely and there's the option of lunch in Lynn and a very conveniently placed pub opposite Lynn station for those who fancy a drink. As ever, if the weather turns nasty we may have to revise these plans so do keep an eye on the forum.


08/9/2018 12:52 pm  #2

Re: Saturday 15th September

I am hoping to be out for the full 70 mile distance from Mica. 


08/9/2018 7:09 pm  #3

Re: Saturday 15th September

I’m in....full 140 😉


08/9/2018 7:15 pm  #4

Re: Saturday 15th September

I plan to do the 70 then cycle back from Cambridge station.


08/9/2018 7:16 pm  #5

Re: Saturday 15th September

May join you on that Dylan depending on how the 70miles goes


09/9/2018 8:16 am  #6

Re: Saturday 15th September

Hi. Count me in. I’ll wait at Melbourn COOP around 8.15
I may also ride back from Cambridge Station depending on the weather. Looking forward to it. David


09/9/2018 9:34 am  #7

Re: Saturday 15th September

I'm in for the 140 too!!!!!


09/9/2018 1:53 pm  #8

Re: Saturday 15th September

Count me in for the 70then I will see how I feel from there


10/9/2018 1:15 pm  #9

Re: Saturday 15th September

I’m in too. I will meet you all where you turn off the A10 at Harston


11/9/2018 4:04 pm  #10

Re: Saturday 15th September

Slight revision to the routes to take account of roadworks and also incorporating South Quay in Kings Lynn where we can stop for some well-deserved refreshment. Routes are here.


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11/9/2018 5:47 pm  #11

Re: Saturday 15th September

I am planning to join you - will be at Mica by 8am.


11/9/2018 8:05 pm  #12

Re: Saturday 15th September

I’m aiming to come along. I’ll meet you in Haslingfield.


11/9/2018 9:12 pm  #13

Re: Saturday 15th September

I will meet with you all at Melbourn CO-OP.


12/9/2018 9:13 am  #14

Re: Saturday 15th September

I'll be on, but at a 'steady' pace.


12/9/2018 8:48 pm  #15

Re: Saturday 15th September

I've now moved to Melbourn, but I am unsure if I am going to start at Mica for 8 to get a couple of little extra miles under the pedals or whether I will just meet at Melbourn. If I am not at Mica for 8 am then I will be at Melbourn CO-OP....At least I think that's where the meeting point is...Looking forward to it 


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