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04/12/2018 9:24 am  #1

Saturday 15th December

The last two Saturday Specials have seen us ride new routes to new cafe stops. Does anyone have a suggestion for making it three in a row in December? Alternatively if you have a favourite ride/cafe you want to reprise please do post.

As ever at this time of year we'll need to keep a close eye on the weather but if conditions are too poor on the 15th we have the option of rescheduling to the 22nd.


12/12/2018 9:56 pm  #2

Re: Saturday 15th December

Forecast ( for now)  is for rain later on Saturday and a south easterly wind so I'm going to suggest a ride to Saffron Walden with coffee and cake at Bicicletta via this route

The round trip is just over 50 miles but can be shortened if the weather doesn't cooperate. Do post if you plan to ride and do keep an eye on the forum in case of any late changes.

As usual, meet outside Mica at 8am and expect a steady pace of 15 mph average with no one left behind.

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13/12/2018 10:13 am  #3

Re: Saturday 15th December

Hi Richard. I'm hoping to join you on this if it's not icy on Saturday morning. 


14/12/2018 4:35 pm  #4

Re: Saturday 15th December

Looks like it might be a bit icy for me tomorrow,so I’ll keep an eye on it, but it looks unlikely I’ll be out 🌨


14/12/2018 4:55 pm  #5

Re: Saturday 15th December

Given the forecast I'm going to suggest we postpone the Special tomorrow and reschedule for next Saturday  -  but safe riding if you do venture out. Thankfully the weather looks better for Sunday.

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14/12/2018 5:49 pm  #6

Re: Saturday 15th December

Sunrise on 22nd will be after 8:00, we we could think about a later start, to save riding down in the dark?


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