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29/3/2019 3:27 pm  #1

31/03/19 - Sunday

Bit early, but thought i would post a route up for the faster group - - 37 miles.

Remember clocks go forward so don't be late!




29/3/2019 4:28 pm  #2

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

The ride leader for this week's Easygoing has had to drop out. Can someone else throw their hat into the ring and suggest a route?


30/3/2019 2:15 pm  #3

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

I'll take Easygoing Richard. 


30/3/2019 4:34 pm  #4

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

Thanks Bob


30/3/2019 6:47 pm  #5

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

Looking at the wind direction tomorrow, how about S14 for the not so fast groups?


30/3/2019 6:59 pm  #6

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

Sounds good Gareth... pairs on the route bank with the easygoing ride...Would take the opportunity to pick up in Melbourn.... Unless there is a different route proposed on the forum.... Hope the weather is like today...?  Clocks go forward tonight....


30/3/2019 7:18 pm  #7

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

Hi, S14 sounds good. That means I could join you all in Melbourn and have some more time in bed! With the clocks going forward that would work out well. Please confirm if that’s the route. Thanks.


30/3/2019 8:54 pm  #8

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

Let’s do that.  I’ll head for sunny Melbourn too.


30/3/2019 10:26 pm  #9

Re: 31/03/19 - Sunday

OK. See you there around 9.15


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