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07/6/2019 11:02 am  #1

Sunday 9th June

Was thinking M6 - 38 miles for the faster group on Sunday, average will be 18+ and is fairly flat, so is perfect for a good group ride, with opportunities to do some "through and off " riding.

i will not be loaded up on Gin this week so should be fine to keep up
..........famous last words.....


08/6/2019 12:14 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 9th June

What about S16 for the regular-sized ride?


08/6/2019 1:00 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 9th June

Am sure the medium rare group could do S16, or slightly shortened version. shortened version of S12 also an option? Will save both :-) hope to be out tomorrow...


08/6/2019 1:52 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 9th June

Hi Lorna,

Either of those go via (or not too far from) Trumpington P&R? I’m thinking of joining the first part of an RCC ride and then dropping out to take part in the A10 awareness ride. It starts at 11am up at Trumpington.



08/6/2019 3:15 pm  #5

Re: Sunday 9th June

What time do the Melbourn group leave to head into Royston? I may do a few extra miles before the ride tomorrow and meet up at Melbourn.


08/6/2019 4:11 pm  #6

Re: Sunday 9th June

Hi Lorna, S12 sounds good! See you tomorrow hopefully.


08/6/2019 5:49 pm  #7

Re: Sunday 9th June

S16 good. I might try and hang on with the slightly faster group for as long as I can. But might also change my mind in the morning.
Dylan, we usually leave Melbourn by the Dolphin at 8:40.


08/6/2019 7:51 pm  #8

Re: Sunday 9th June

Adrian, great to hear you're thinking of coming to the A10 Awareness Ride.  But note that it starts at 10am, not 11!

I'll be doing that ride tomorrow, but note that RCC members can show their support for a cycle link between Royston and Melbourn without needing to skip the usual Sunday ride.  Just pop in to Phillimore's Garden Centre from around 11:30 to have a cup of tea, meet the council officers involved and make your case!

I've posted more information in the "General Discussion" forum.



08/6/2019 9:23 pm  #9

Re: Sunday 9th June

Looks like s12 & s16 go northwest to me?
I'm hoping to be out but will be heading straight home to melbs from kneesworth.


09/6/2019 5:46 am  #10

Re: Sunday 9th June

Think I might do the A10 awareness thing today. Will be at Fish Hill for 09:00 if anyone wants to ride up to Trumpington at a gentle pace.


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