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15/6/2019 6:19 pm  #1

Sun 16/6/19

Wind’s from the south again so S7 is an option, with S15 for those feeling a little more delicate.


15/6/2019 9:25 pm  #2

Re: Sun 16/6/19

Happy for someone else to suggest...though for any medium rares out S15 with shorter route Bassingbourn to Ashwell would be c 25 miles I think...? (ps if anyone by any chance has a small c 1 inch patch of black lycra going spare that I could have I would be most grateful.....) :-)


16/6/2019 3:59 am  #3

Re: Sun 16/6/19

I quite fancy some hills: Therfield, Sandon, Barley, Heydon. Make something up as we go with regroup and a breather at the top of each climb.


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