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23/6/2019 11:03 am  #1

Wimpole Sportive

Anyone doing the long distance ride for Wimpole this year in July?


23/6/2019 6:19 pm  #2

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Yes, as long as the weather cooperates I'm up for the long route.


23/6/2019 6:41 pm  #3

Re: Wimpole Sportive

What is the date for the sportive?


23/6/2019 7:56 pm  #4

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Guessing it's this one Dylan on 14th July. It think Mark T said he was doing the 150k version!


24/6/2019 8:45 am  #5

Re: Wimpole Sportive

LornaH wrote:

Guessing it's this one Dylan on 14th July. It think Mark T said he was doing the 150k version!

Thanks Lorna.

I already have something on that day but if a few members are taking part I may just cancel my original plans and join up.


25/6/2019 1:52 pm  #6

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Now booked and I'm doing the long ride.


26/6/2019 10:14 am  #7

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Hi, i am riding the long route, looking for 18+ average, although i am riding it as a "long" Sunday Club ride and not actually paying for it


07/7/2019 6:37 pm  #8

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I’m booked in on this sportive... I’ll be cycling over to start 1st thing in morning.  Would it be okay to hook up with you guys and if so what time are meeting there?


07/7/2019 8:56 pm  #9

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Haven't decided whether to do the medium or long route, but will do this as per Barrys' long cub ride' approach. 

Would like to ride to Wimpole as part of a larger group from Royston. What time/where are people leaving?


08/7/2019 10:36 am  #10

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I am looking too get there for 8am and leave soon after that once registered. I am doing the Long Ride...I think it gets underway 08:30. Happy to co-ordinate getting people. You guys have my number. 

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08/7/2019 5:19 pm  #11

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I’m intending to do the long route also, will meet at start line.


08/7/2019 6:33 pm  #12

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I'll be leaving at 7.25 from outside Mica if anyone wants to join me.


08/7/2019 8:40 pm  #13

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I’ll be at mica in time for a 7.25 kick off


09/7/2019 8:05 pm  #14

Re: Wimpole Sportive

Fyi - online entry closes midnight on Wednesday


13/7/2019 4:10 pm  #15

Re: Wimpole Sportive

I am doing the long route too. Intend to register at about 8:00. Be great if we could ride as a group.


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