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06/8/2019 7:57 pm  #1

Garmin issues

Hi all,

Got a Garmin Touring, about 3 years old. It seems to crash when it loses its GPS signal (just not great when you have just conquered Box Hill). Has anybody had this as well, and is there a way to fix it. I already reset it fully, but it just keeps happening..... I did see similar issues on Strava with various folk doing the Prudential, so it looks like a relatively common issue....

Any advice much appreciated as don't really want to get a replacement.

Thanks, Astrid


11/8/2019 2:40 pm  #2

Re: Garmin issues

I also have a Garmin Tour purchased around the same time - June 2016.

It often crashes or just locks up for no apparent reason. I use it but don't find it particularly reliable and wouldn't recommend anyone else to buy one. Although it would appear that everyone does!

I was on holiday last week with 350 other cyclists, most of whom were using Garmins. A chap there was offering to load the daily routes to your Garmin (or courses in Garmin language) I asked him about my model and his comment was "....well, I find that all their different models have their problems..."

As far as I'm aware if you contact Garmin Customer Service, they just recommend you purchase a new one!

One day I'll probably end up throwing it over a hedge somewhere and I hope that purchasing a replacement model will be better. 

Rant over.....Caveat Emptor... 


12/8/2019 6:44 am  #3

Re: Garmin issues

I’ve have various issues with Garmin over the years.  I had an old 810 that used to lock up and Garmin told me to keep deleting the history to keep the memory free and it did improve... although it was never 100%

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12/8/2019 7:06 pm  #4

Re: Garmin issues

I also had problems with mine.  Make sure you follow the settings here But I still had issues

I’m so far very pleased with my new 530, so it’s  not all Garmins


18/8/2019 3:29 pm  #5

Re: Garmin issues

I contacted the on line Garmin Customer Support this afternoon. Following which and based upon their recommendation, I have now updated the firmware on the device from version 3.1 to version 4.2. I already had it registered on their website and it was fairly straight forward, so this may be worth a try Astrid.

Here's hoping hey! 


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