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09/9/2019 7:30 am  #16

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

There’s a committee meeting this evening. I’ll mention this Hunstanton ride as it's longer than the usual Saturday Special. Others may want to do a ~60 mile circular route. I’ll report back tomorrow. David


09/9/2019 9:54 pm  #17

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

OK, the official Saturday Special for this month is on the 21st (details for this on a separate post nearer the time).
For the 14th AndrewG had another idea to get the train to King’s Lynn, then ride to the North Norfolk Coast, have lunch in Wells-next-the-Sea, then finish in Norwich and get the train home. A bit more complicated with 2 trains but the actual ride is more scenic. Is anyone interested in this? The other thing that needs deciding on is the planned average speed. This is important so any potential riders know what to expect. Was the plan for the normal Saturday Special 15 mph?


09/9/2019 10:01 pm  #18

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

The idea of kings lynn to Norwich is not feasible if you want to get back at a reasonable time, as the train journey back from Norwich is 2 hours!  Sorry for the wild goose chase..

I am still looking to go up to Kings Lynn on Saturday if the forecast is ok.



10/9/2019 6:09 am  #19

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Sounds complicated, I will wait for the SS on the 21st.


10/9/2019 6:22 am  #20

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

I can’t make the 21st and the weather looks good this coming weekend so I’m definitely up for something. So shall we revert back to the original plan (Hunstanton and train back from Kings Lynn)? Or something completely different not involving a train? I don’t mind.


11/9/2019 7:19 pm  #21

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Hi all,

I’m still all set for a pootle up to Hunstanton on the 14th. Weather permitting of course.

If anyone isn’t sure about going the whole way, but would still like to join for part of the ride, then they can ride to any of the towns with train stations along the way and hop on one to take them back to Royston.

Route: propose the same one as we used previously

Pace: 14-15mph average. I’m probably the weakest link here, but will give it my best! 😉

If there are enough riders, we can opt to split up into groups according to pace preference.

Start time 8am outside Mica


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12/9/2019 7:51 pm  #22

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Hi Adrian

I have limited time on Saturday but i will join you in Royston and ride to Ely.

I will be at Mica at

Kind regards

Mark D.


13/9/2019 5:57 am  #23

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Morning all!

Looking foreword to tomorrow’s ride. The weather forecast is looking ideal. Dry with a very light southerly breeze.

I’d say that it is definitely ON!

See you all tomorrow at 8am outside Mica.

Also, great to have MarkD joining us to Ely!


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13/9/2019 7:39 am  #24

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Hi Adrian, I can't ride on Sunday so would like to come for part of the ride. I'll meet you at Mica at 8am and ride to Ely then bike home. Weather looks perfect
 Looking forward to it.


13/9/2019 8:43 am  #25

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

I’ll meet you in Melbourn (by the church road just after the traffic lights) around 8.15


16/9/2019 7:32 pm  #26

Re: Hunstanton Ride Sat 14th September

Perfect weather for this ride. Warm Sunny day and a light tail wind all the way to Kings Lynn.

Morning coffee for seven riders in Ely followed by lunch for four in Kings Lynn. How very British and civilised!

Thanks Adrian for organising and well done Will for doubling your previous personal distance record. Looking forward to the next one.


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