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19/10/2019 5:46 pm  #1

Sunday 20th October

Anyone out tomorrow?  Or is everyone cycled out after the Saturday special.


19/10/2019 6:06 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 20th October

I’ll be out, and I’ll try to arrive at the right time, unlike today.

Anyone got a route?


19/10/2019 6:22 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 20th October

S3 via littlebury green to make it up to around 33?

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19/10/2019 7:11 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 20th October

S3 sounds good. See you in the morning.


19/10/2019 8:22 pm  #5

Re: Sunday 20th October

Any medium rarers?
S3 finishes in Royston, has anyone seen the other thread which ends up at Dobbies?


20/10/2019 5:16 am  #6

Re: Sunday 20th October

Happy with S3


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