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02/3/2020 1:31 pm  #1

Saturday 7th March

Though it's March we still haven't ridden February's Saturday Special so we'll have another attempt this week.

Two options; a 75 mile ride to the chilli farm cafe near Roxton (who were very welcoming when we last went there) or a 31 mile ride to the newly-refurbished Bicicletta in Saffron Walden. Meet at Mica at 8.30 or join en route.

Do post if you plan to join.

Routes are here -  and


05/3/2020 5:54 pm  #2

Re: Saturday 7th March

I plan to be out on the shorter route. I will be at Mica at 8:30


05/3/2020 9:08 pm  #3

Re: Saturday 7th March

Ahh, was hoping to get out Saturday though think it's going to have to be Sunday for me. Hope they have good hand washing facilities at the cafes


06/3/2020 12:48 pm  #4

Re: Saturday 7th March

I plan to do the shorter route too, see you then Mark!


06/3/2020 2:09 pm  #5

Re: Saturday 7th March

Phew, have just checked and the chilli farm is now open after their winter break but is anyone up for the longer ride?

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06/3/2020 3:16 pm  #6

Re: Saturday 7th March

I’m up for the shorter route. 
Does the route pass through Melbourn on the way out or the way back ?


06/3/2020 4:26 pm  #7

Re: Saturday 7th March

Hi Richard, I haven’t really got time for the 75 mile ride but the short ride is a bit too short! I might do that and add a bit on myself.


06/3/2020 5:09 pm  #8

Re: Saturday 7th March

I’ll be at Mica for 8:30 for the shorter ride. David Br - I may join you for a bit extra (if I can keep up!).


06/3/2020 5:36 pm  #9

Re: Saturday 7th March

Jo, you’re more than welcome to join me for a bit extra. I will have slowed by then, so no worries about keeping up!


06/3/2020 5:51 pm  #10

Re: Saturday 7th March

I'm hoping to do Sat special tomorrow. Shorter route. I think route returns via Melbourn? so start from Mica


06/3/2020 6:23 pm  #11

Re: Saturday 7th March

Hi all, shorter ride for me as well. Less wind tomorrow than Sunday forecast as well 👍
see you at mica.


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