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21/5/2020 4:29 pm  #1

Strava - Getting your data as backup or to change activity tracker.

Maybe you have decided that you don't want to pay for Strava and move to a different service or just want a copy of all your data, did you know that if you can request all your data including rides & photos from Strava.

I recently requested the data and the rides come in GPX or FIT.gz format. 

In Strava go to your Settings, choose My Account then under "Download or Deleted Your Account" is a button to "Get started".  I just did part 2 (I didn't delete my account).  It also allows you to pull this data once a week.  The email cam through in less than an hour and it took a couple of minutes to download the data.

I uploaded them into Ride with GPS (other tools are available).  It uploaded nearly 400 activities in a few minutes.  You may lose the ride titles but you can edit each ride.  I found Ride with GPS while lacking some of the functions of Strave does include mapping and segments (though there are a limited number) plus you can create ride collections so if you went away you can group rides with photos and share plus you can set goals (which has always been paid for in Strava).  I plan to use both side by side for a while to see which gives me most benefit but I am already liking Ride with GPS and it as compatible with Garmin Connect and Relive still works with it.


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