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04/6/2020 4:25 pm  #1

Strava Question

Hi Guys - can you help?
Can anyone explain (in a 'very' simple, easy to understand way) how I can upload a ride from Strava, that another member has riden and follow it myself ?
I have a Garmin 500 - if that matters.
Thanks in advance.


05/6/2020 11:24 am  #2

Re: Strava Question

Hi Mark,
Never done it myself but here's a link that might help.

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05/6/2020 1:48 pm  #3

Re: Strava Question

Key bit is ‘subscribers’ (ie paid for).

Think this is a website thing rather than on the app too, bit I might be wrong about that.


05/6/2020 9:12 pm  #4

Re: Strava Question

Thanks Richard and James - out of princible I won't be subscribing to anything.  I'll have a look at the link tomorrow.  I can see me going out with the old  tried and tested method -  route written on a piece of paper ! 

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