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20/6/2020 8:26 am  #1

Club rides and COVID-19 - Update

British Cycling have this week updated their guidelines for club cycling during the pandemic. While most organised cycling activities remain suspended, this update from British Cycling allows for up to six individuals to cycle as a group provided that it is practical and safe to ride together while observing social distancing. The British Cycling document can be found here (See page 10).

Having reviewed the new guidance the committee's view is that this change to British Cycling's previous advice does not allow us to reinstate our Sunday club rides. The challenges and risks of organising club runs within these still restrictive guidelines are too great. In recent days the relaxation of social distancing guidelines has been widely trailed. We will therefore continue to monitor the situation so that we can resume club rides as soon as is practical.

Against this background we have two suggestions to maintain some club activity. 

First, if you are an existing member please do use the forum to arrange ad hoc rides with up to six of your fellow members at any time of the week. To ensure that several rides don't convene outside Mica on a Sunday, the Royston market place is probably best avoided as a starting point.  Please observe social distancing before, during and after your ride. 

Second, if you have joined the club during lockdown (or are thinking of joining) and would like to arrange an introductory ride with an existing member, simply email the club at All that's required is a roadworthy bike, a helmet and a little energy. 

Whenever you are riding do stay safe.

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