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25/7/2020 11:18 am  #1

Sunday 26th July

Hi all,

Thinking about routes for this Sunday's 15 (+/-0.5) mph group ride routes.  Weather looks to be good, with a light to fresh breeze from the West.  A couple of contenders include:

- S2 (29 miles / 298 m)  - 
- S16 (34 miles / 340 m) -
​- or possibly, M9 (36 miles / 351 m) - 

All finishing in town for a well-deserved coffee at Kooky's.

Let me know if you are interested or have a different route suggestion!


25/7/2020 2:05 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 26th July

Count me in, don’t mind which route.

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25/7/2020 5:36 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 26th July

Sounds good. Routes look quite similar?  Good to try Kookys ....not been yet. Weather seems fine.  Should we still meet at Royston Leisure Centre gates (even if they are open?).


25/7/2020 6:35 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 26th July

See you tomorrow 😊 Don't mind which route


25/7/2020 7:38 pm  #5

Re: Sunday 26th July

The details of the group thread have not been updated, so I think we should stick with the current meet location.  There is some space in the lay-by, so let's all keep to the side tomorrow.

I'll ask for a new meet location to up be updated on the thread for next Sunday.

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27/7/2020 7:41 pm  #6

Re: Sunday 26th July

Thanks all for the ride yesterday! And for regrouping at the top of the hill(s) for me when I was lagging. I won't be around this Sunday, so hope you all have a great ride!

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