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08/8/2020 12:20 pm  #1

Sunday 9 August

A few are up up for route S1 via sunflower field at Meesden tomorrow, so plan to meet Town Hall Car Park 8:50am, ready to leave for 9am. If more than 6 we can always split into two groups, or another route suggestion welcome if some don't fancy hills in heat.


08/8/2020 3:40 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 9 August

Thanks Lorna - I will be there and looking forward to the ride.



08/8/2020 6:08 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 9 August

Count me in please


15/8/2020 6:43 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 9 August

Is there only the medium fast group setting out tomorrow, 16th?


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