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15/8/2020 7:01 am  #1

Aluminium frame wanted

Hi all,

I broke my carbon frame (insurance paid out and got new bike) so now want an ally frame to do a rebuild for my turbo trainer. Looking for something that will take all the shimano 105 parts from my broken bike.

dave T.
call 07456092642 if you have something.


16/8/2020 1:31 pm  #2

Re: Aluminium frame wanted

Hi Dave

I’m new to the club

I will have a Dolan Preffisio frame in Large (56cm) available within the next two weeks as I’m stripping it to move the components to another frame.

I would post a photo but the forum doesn’t appear to allow this


Ex Duris Gloria 
Instagram - @ianlangrides


16/8/2020 2:03 pm  #3

Re: Aluminium frame wanted

Hi Ian,

thanks for the super quick reply, I will turn you down though as I’m looking for something that will fit my wife also do a 53cm 54 at max is what I need.

many thanks though


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