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20/8/2020 7:03 pm  #1

Sunday 23 August

S5-35 Longstowe has been suggested for this week. Meet - THCP 9.00am and out via Melbourn to pick up our Melbourn riders. 2nd group if we exceed x 6 riders.

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22/8/2020 11:39 am  #2

Re: Sunday 23 August

I'm in.  Looking forward to it.


22/8/2020 5:00 pm  #3

Re: Sunday 23 August

I will be at THCP ready for 9am departure. See you all tomorrow 


22/8/2020 5:17 pm  #4

Re: Sunday 23 August

I'm there. Keen to put foot down a bit if we do need to split in Melbourn/Meldreth...thanks


22/8/2020 6:44 pm  #5

Re: Sunday 23 August

I’m in, see you THCP.


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