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17/10/2020 8:03 pm  #1

Sunday 18th

Hi, Suzie is planning to be out tomorrow.


17/10/2020 10:22 pm  #2

Re: Sunday 18th

I will be taking part in the "pedal for pounds" charity ride and so i wont be out with the club this weekend


18/10/2020 6:01 am  #3

Re: Sunday 18th

Yes, sorry Stuart. 6 of us are doing the hospice ride. Not sure if there will be anyone leading the group this week. Maybe worth her pitching up just in case especially if she is happy to do a ride on her own if not? 


18/10/2020 6:55 am  #4

Re: Sunday 18th

Thanks for letting us know, have a good ride.

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