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20/8/2021 2:51 pm  #16

Re: Sat 21st August

A chap called Seigo may be joining you for the shorter route tomorrow, if you could look out for him.


20/8/2021 6:07 pm  #17

Re: Sat 21st August

Donna, yes, that could work, Join at Chishill, but divert on the route back.  I also found another route back that looks "OK on a map" for a direct return to Melbourn (Audley end, littlebury green, Catmere End, Chrisall Grange).  Need to be back for  ~1.30pm.  Diverting via clavering is fine as well.
My alt route is:


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20/8/2021 7:35 pm  #18

Re: Sat 21st August

Ray, I think you need to set the route to public as it won't let me access it


20/8/2021 7:46 pm  #19

Re: Sat 21st August

OK. Now public.   I seem to have now joined the world of Strava premium somehow.. or at least 'free trial'.  Pretty difficult to post a route otherwise... 


20/8/2021 9:18 pm  #20

Re: Sat 21st August

Will join in Great Chishill


21/8/2021 6:44 am  #21

Re: Sat 21st August

I’m in for the shorter route and will meet at the Heath. See you all soon.


21/8/2021 1:45 pm  #22

Re: Sat 21st August

Two good rides today, to a Blue Egg and Debden Barns, mostly avoiding the rain.

One group circumnavigated the bridge repair work at Newport by detouring down to the station, lugging their bikes across the footbridge and making their way up the trail on the other side.  The other group seem to have just walked past the blockage.

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