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28/8/2021 10:07 am  #1

Mallorca 2022 with Stuart Hall

Hopefully with the opening up with international, I’ve preemptive restrictions and booked with Stuart Hall for the training camps Mallorca 2022. Dates I’ve booked for are the 23rd of April 22 to the 30th of April 22. Staying at the Playa Mar Hotel.
Appreciate that this post maybe a little early but I thought I’d put it on here early if people were looking to book.
Rob T


04/9/2021 7:28 am  #2

Re: Mallorca 2022 with Stuart Hall

I am in Mallorca from 18th to 24th April for the Mallorca 312 on 23rd. This was booked for last year to coincide with the club trip and then cancelled twice to next year.


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